London 2018 SEPTEMBER 27-28


Pre-conference workshops are organized on September Thursday 27th. We offer several workshop topics. Workshop tickets are sold in combo with conference tickets. Early bird ends on June 30th.

The ticket price includes the conference ticket, the 1 workshop day, food throughout all 2 days (breaks and lunches) and wifi. Get 20% off the global price for workshops and conference days with the combo ticket.

September, 27th (workshop value)
Combo, 20% off!
(workshop + conference)
Early bird 550£ 535£
Regular 650£ 655£
Late 750£ 767£

Workshop descriptions:

Symfony 4 Best Practices by Nicolas Grekas - Symfony

Symfony 4 changes the way you develop web applications. During this workshop, you will discover the new practices recommended by the Symfony Core team. You will learn how to install third-party packages with Symfony Flex, configure your application with environment variables or exploit the new features of the dependency injection container. And much more!

Building API-driven apps with API Platform by Kévin Dunglas -

API Platform has become a very popular framework to build advanced and modern API-driven web projects. It includes : * a Symfony-based, super-powerful, server component to create hypermedia and GraphQL web APIs; * a Progressive Web Apps (ReactJS, Vue.js) and native mobile apps (React Native) generator; * a ReactJS administration interface (ReactJS + admin on rest). After an overview of modern API patterns and formats (REST, Swagger, hypermedia, HATEOAS, JSON-LD, Hydra,, GraphQL...), we'll learn how to use and extend the most popular features of the API Platform API component: Swagger documentation, pagination, validation, sorting, filtering, authentication, authorization, content negotiation, data model generation using the vocabulary. Finally, we'll discover how easy it is to use the client-side (JavaScript) toolkit.

Symfony Messenger by Samuel Rozé - creator of the component

The Messenger component just landed in Symfony 4.1. It drastically simplifies the use of message buses and handling asynchronous operations using message queues such as RabbitMq. In this workshop, you will learn about: 1. Creating and handling messages as a strategy to decouple your application; 2. Configure the message routing and asynchronously handle your messages; 3. Discovering the bus middleware and creating your owns to add your custom logic; 4. An overview of using Messenger in the CQRS context (command and query buses); 5. Specifics of the AMQP and Enqueue adapters for your asynchronous processing; 6. How to customise and write your own adapters.

Lightning Fast Tests by Jakub Zalas - Symfony core team member

One of the benefits of having an automated test suite is the feedback given when code is being changed. As the project grows, the test suite becomes slower and slower every day, until it’s so slow it stops being useful. Tests are disabled, skipped and finally removed. Huge part of the problem lies in getting the testing pyramid wrong and putting to much effort into wrong type of testing. Learn everything from writing good unit tests, through using test doubles (like stubs or mocks), to writing integration tests. Learn how to structure your project to benefit from a test-first design. Apply the right amount of testing on appropriate levels, write decoupled code, and run your tests in seconds, not hours. The result will look suspiciously close to the hexagonal architecture.